Heat Pump

A powerful and reliable range:

► Covers powers ranging from 8 to 42kW (single-phase up to 21kW, three-phase up to 42kW) and offers outlet temperatures of 35 “to 65 ° C.
► All Giorpac R models are reversible, their operation in heating is guaranteed up to an outdoor temperature of -15 ° C.
Supplied with the hydraulic components necessary for their installation and smooth operation
to ensure optimal performance and ease of installation. ^ Since the refrigeration part of Giorpac R is monobloc, the installer does not have to intervene on the circuit

The GIORPAC R range is equipped with a SCROLL single-speed compressor Better than a variable speed compressor operating in “on and under speed” mode, the SCROLL single-speed compressor operates in steady state mode, at stable speed and therefore at optimum performance.
In addition, these SCROLL compressors type ZH R407C have been specifically developed to provide heating with high efficiency. They thus offer an improvement in performance under extreme conditions of 20% compared to R410A air conditioning compressors and INVERTER type.