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Specialist in solar energy since 1978 and present in many parts of the world,  Giordano manufactures its solar collectors and water heaters to international quality standards. Giordano is one of the few manufacturers on the market that can show installations of more than 20 years always giving satisfaction. 
Giordano is an experience of several decades, to bring to the people of the world, the energy of their well-being. In her environmental determination, jacques giordano industries does not hesitate to collaborate with architects, creating with them improved habitat integrations every day.

Manufacturing and distribution structures in the DOM and TOM

  • At the MEETING : giordano solar water heaters have been distributed in Réunion since 1982.  Giordano has strongly participated in the development of the island’s market by setting up a local manufacturing unit. It brings exceptional quality of service to users and creates real local jobs for specialists. The GIORDANO OCEAN INDIEN factory, created in 2000, installed in ZAC 2000 at the Port, and its subsidiary GIORDANO DISTRIBUTION, actively participate in the regional policy of the island of Reunion, which has decided on a real energy autonomy for its inhabitants. Today nearly 40% of families are already equipped.
  • ANTILLES : The West Indies have a long history with renewable energies, and giordano solar water heaters have been a leader for years. As in Réunion, the giordano group wanted to strengthen its integration into the local economy by setting up a solar water heater manufacturing unit. Since 2001, GIORDANO INDUSTRIES CARAÏBES has been producing for the Caribbean market with the same quality and service concerns that drive all of our action towards users. GIORDANO DISTRIBUTION CARAIBES and GIORDANO GUYANE ensure the distribution, installation and financing of solar water heaters in the range.
  • A TAHITI : For nearly 20 years our presence is provided locally by a historical partner: TENESOL Polynesia.