The Spices in Chinese Fried Rice

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Chinese fried rice is a delicious staple of Asian cuisine. There are many Chinese fried rice spices that help to enhance the flavors in this dish.

There are actually not a lot of spices in the dish. The main additions are salt, garlic powder, ginger powder, sugar, and ground pepper. It might seem surprising because the dish has its own unique flavor. But that flavor is also really difficult to place at time. Most people couldn’t say, oh yes, I taste the garlic powder in this.

There are though other ingredients that add flavor. Sometimes egg is added to the mix. And there is usually soy sauce as well. Although, the soy sauce is a dead give away when enough of it is added.

Then, toss in all the vegetables to make this treat a little bit healthier. Bean sprouts will give an extra burst of health although they are often not added to fried rice.

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