The Boilers Solar GIORDANO

A powerful range of simple and robust design The storage of domestic hot water in hot water tanks is the only solution of essential comfort for the user who seeks above all a hot water with a large flow and in sufficient quantity, c is the solution we selected Our hot water tanks are made either of stainless steel or steel coated with “SALVAROC” treatment, an exclusivity proven by Jacques GIORDANO Industries with the most difficult waters
The Giordano Solar Boiler is available in different capacities 400, 600 and 900liters to offer you the solution best suited to your specific needs, in any season.

The heating of the domestic hot water tanks is done by thermosiphon:

This principle avoids the use of components such as circulators and regulators, consumers of current and likely to malfunction.
A device that maximizes the efficiency of the Giorpac Air / Water.
Heat pumps that are typically installed in facilities with multiple heating zones operate with hydraulic decoupling cylinders (mixing bottles) or buffer tanks. However, these bodies require, to compensate for the effects of mixing, to set the boilers at significantly higher temperatures than the need for heating circuits. The efficiency of heat pumps that have to work as much as possible at the lowest temperature is thus significantly degraded. In order to avoid such inconveniences, Giordano Solar Boilers are equipped with a patented Mixture Master, allowing the heat pump to work at the most favorable temperature for its performance.

Consumer benefits:

Up to 80% of free and renewable energy,
Up to 80% reduction of CO² emissions
Eligible material for the tax credit and regional aids, TVA 5.5% *,
French manufacturer, specialist in solar energy for more 30 years old,
A chain of competence for efficient and reliable installations: Design office, National network of approved installers, control of installations at start-up, administrative and financial support.