Photo Voltaic

The photovoltaic modules GIORDANO allow you to become electricity producer, with ease. Sensors on the roof, an inverter, a connection contract to the distribution network that we help you build and you are energy supplier. You then resell all of your production because the law requires EDF to buy back your kWh at a unit price of 0.60 €, which is 5 to 10 times the price at which EDF charges you, and you win the difference. There is no better investment and no more secure.

Flexible, reliable and powerful

Whatever the configuration of your roof, there is a photovoltaic solution GIORDANO. Our technicians analyze with you the data and the possible constraints of the site and offer you an adapted and efficient installation.
Heliotoiture a perfect technical and aesthetic integration

For a perfect roof integration of the panels (modules), GIORDANO has designed more than 15 years “Héliotoiture”, a system in prepainted steel ensuring a perfect watertightness and a very long longevity which moreover profits from the favorable technical opinion of the CSTB.