Water Heater

How then to cope with the phenomenal amounts of energy needed to satisfy world consumption?

Because they are reliable, economical and efficient and do not degrade the environment, solar thermal technologies are now a perfectly credible alternative.

Present for more than 30 years in most international markets, and thanks to a continuous effort, the Jacques giordano industries company has been able to develop a range of high efficiency individual solar water heaters.

So, whatever your area, the composition of your home and the configuration of your home.

Your solar water heater will save you money.

It will safeguard your health. It effectively combats pollution – it is 100% non-polluting (no CO2 emissions). It fights against the greenhouse effect, it is recyclable and replaces fossil fuels. Your children will appreciate …

The GIORSOL solar water heater The solar water

Heater consists of two to three solar collectors, a storage tank and a GIORSOL transfer unit. Conventional, this system uses an antifreeze liquid as heat transfer fluid to recover the energy absorbed by the sensors and transmit it through an exchanger to the storage tank.

• The GIORSOL solar water heater is very FUNCTIONAL.

• It is MODULAR: Giordano Chaleur Soleil offers a wide range of GIORSOL water heaters ranging from 200 liters to 400 liters, which can adapt to different configurations: vertical or horizontal sensors, balloons manufactured with a steel coating coated with ” SALVAROC “, an exclusivity tested by Jacques GIORDANO Industries with the most difficult waters .