7 Reasons Why is Wix Growing So Quickly In Asia

The continuous growth in the Asian economy over the last decade has been eye-opening! 3 of the largest economies in the world are Asian countries, and Nasdaq.com also included 2 Asian countries in the list of top 5 fastest-growing economies in 2020! With the rate at which the Asian economy continues to boom, it comes as no surprise that the same growth is happening in Asia’s online economy.

It is estimated that Asia had 825 million internet users. Now in 2020, that total stands at 2.3 billion internet users, a whopping 51% of the world’s total internet user count of 4.57 billion, consequently leading to an increase in the number of blogs and websites in Asia!

The continuous increase of internet numbers in Asia has been greatly spurred by the increasing ease in building and publishing a website in 2020 using website builders. In Asia’s highly competitive markets—especially Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea, brands recognize the importance of reaching the internet as quickly as possible and website builders have made the process of creating and publishing a website as simple as clicking a few buttons.

One of the most popular, and most preferred website builders for brands and individuals in Asia today, hosting a total of 160 million websites on the internet, is Wix—also referred to as Wix.com. 

Here are 7 reasons that have made Wix.com the go-to website builder in Asia, and why its users continue to rise:

1.Ease of use


With its industry-leading WIX ADI(Artificial Design Intelligence), Wix.com remains one of the easiest website builders to use on the planet. Creating a website on Wix is as simple as answering a few questions, and choosing from a wide range of templates, and in a few minutes, your website is ready to go! Wix also offers a free domain and hosting services, making it even easier to publish a website, albeit with Wix’s specialized URL.

2.Multiple customization options

Wix offers multiple website design templates to choose from. Ranging from blogs to portfolios, photo galleries, e-commerce stores, and a company website! Choosing between any of these templates is as simple as simply clicking on a few buttons. Also, Wix offers access to thousands of other websites designed on its users to use as templates, or generate ideas from.

The Wix app market, also available on Wix, provides even more customization options for users, with over 250 web apps to customize your website even further.

3.SEO integration

SEO or search engine optimization is simply making certain changes to a website’s design and content to improve its ranking on search engine result pages. 

SEO  has proven to be one of the biggest and most effective ways of generating free traffic on the internet, and to fully utilize SEO, metrics like bounce rate, click-through rate, and exit rate would need to be actively monitored with SEO tools like Hotjar, and Google Analytics.

Websites designed on Wix.com—Wix websites, are automatically done in HTML, a language very compatible with Google’s SEO algorithms. Also, they seamlessly integrate perfectly with most SEO tools.

4. Industry-leading multilingual support


A major selling point of Wix in Asian countries is its multilingual support. A lot of businesses and brands in Asia have customers all over Europe and North America, and communicating effectively with these customers could be quite a challenge, but Wix makes this process very easy using the Wix Multilingual plugin! When activated, it can automatically translate a page from one language to another with the click of a button. 

Wix multilingual does not only translate the writings on a website, but it also translates words written design elements like buttons and tabs. Another way of translating language that Wix also fully supports is Weglot.

Weglot is also a plugin that fully integrates seamlessly with Wix websites and supports over 100 different languages from all over the world, and its diversity and accuracy in transitions make it the most preferred way of translating the content on Wix websites.

5.Email marketing capabilities

Building a strong and long-lasting relationship with customers is one of the most important steps to take when trying to promote your brand, and market your product on the internet; especially in Asia’s super competitive markets. Email marketing is one of the many ways of doing this. Collating Emails of customers, and sending them emails regularly could help foster a solid customer- seller relationship. Wix Ascend, a business solution offered by Wix, comes with its inbuilt auto-email responder, and email marketing services you could automate the entire mailing process for different customers and not have to go through the stress of cold emailing customers one by one.


Wix.com offers a lot of flexibility in deciding the appropriate free or paid plan that suits your needs. Apart from its free hosting and domain plan, Wix.com has 7 different plans to choose from, with 4 of these plans meant for blogs, portfolios, and brands, while 3 of the plans are meant for business and e-commerce stores.

Upgrading or downgrading from any of these plans still remains an easy process, and Wix offers a guaranteed refund in 14 days if you don’t like the plan you upgraded to.



Wix.com holds the security of its pages in the utmost priority! Every website designed on Wix comes with an SSL certificate. SSL is an acronym for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’, and this means that your users—the tech-inclined ones, will know that they are safe on your website, thanks to the padlock icon that appears next to your Domain name.

In Conclusion,

Even though some of these features are also available on other website builders, the ease of use on Wix.com makes it stand out. An absolute beginner with zero design skills can build and publish a website in minutes! Wix also offers constant, round the clock customer support in multiple languages from around the world! 

These amazing features and Wix’s continuous spendings on its marketing and advertising have been greatly responsible for its growth in Asia, and other parts of the world, and with the daily revolutions and updates occurring on the website builder, it can only get more popular in Asia.

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